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Integrated Solutions is a full service sales and installation company with a focus on Home Entertainment Systems, Satellite TV, and Rural High Speed Internet.

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About Xplornet's 4G Fixed Wireless Network

Xplornet is currently deploying Canada's first national 4G network. This 4G network has both fixed wireless and satellite components. The fixed wireless network is a 4G network which consisted of 380 towers at the beginning of 2013. This network provides greater than 4 times the capacity per tower than the previous generation and in the future will provide even greater growth as it is software-upgradeable to the LTE wireless standard.  For our customers, 4G technology means robust speeds, bandwidth, and reliability.

What a national 4G broadband network means for Canada

For too long in Canada, there has been a digital divide: a gap between quality and affordability of high speed Internet service available to people who live in major cities vs. those who live outside the major cities. 4G technology allows Xplornet to offer Canadians fast, affordable Internet, no matter where they live. Xplornet will end Canada's digital divide, once and for all.

Headquartered in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Xplornet Communications Inc. (formerly Barrett Xplore Inc.) is Canada's leading rural broadband provider. Xplornet believes everyone should have access to the transformative benefits of broadband, so they make their service available everywhere in Canada, including the hard to reach places. Xplornet has overcome the challenges of Canada's vast geography through their deployment of Canada's first national 4G network, which leverages both fixed-wireless towers on the ground and next-generation satellites in space. Xplornet customers live in the farthest reaches of the country and just outside of major urban centres, and through their coast-to-coast network of local dealers they connect them to all that the Internet offers.  Xplornet is high-speed Internet - for all of Canada.